Geddy’s Mom – Watch Your Mouth – The Award Winning USB Charger Child Safety Cover – Made in The USA – Baby Proofing Toddler Shock Prevention (3 Pack Dusty Aqua)

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Product Description

Watch Your Mouth Banner Products to Lock Loose Cords Watch Your Mouth Banner Products to Lock Loose Cords

Geddy’s Mom, makers of the award-winning Watch Your Mouth USB charger covers – the FIRST baby proofing device of its kind, creating a new standard in baby safety.

Keep the End of Your Phone Charger Away from Kids Keep the End of Your Phone Charger Away from Kids

Parent Tested and ApprovedParent Tested and Approved A New standard in child safety

In under 2 years, Watch Your Mouth has earned the 2021 PTPA Award, Mom’s Choice Award, JPMA Innovation Award Finalist, Baby Proofing Product of the Yea, Good Housekeeping Award, the 2022 NAPPA Award, PTPA 2022 Top Product Award and the JPMA Core Values Award.

Parent Tested, Parent Approved

We developed Watch Your Mouth for one simple reason: to protect our son in our home from an injury we had seen the consequences of as doctors. That’s why every detail has been designed by doctors, parents and engineers to be child-safe.

Toddler-resistant closure No small parts Made in the USA Made of BPA-free non-conductive polypropylene Muted colors

Watch Your Mouth Dusty Aqua 3-pack pouchWatch Your Mouth Dusty Aqua 3-pack pouch

Watch Your Mouth Black 3-pack pouchWatch Your Mouth Black 3-pack pouch

Watch Your Mouth White 3-pack pouchWatch Your Mouth White 3-pack pouch

Watch Your Mouth Dusty Aqua 3-pack pouch

Watch Your Mouth Black 3-pack pouch

Watch Your Mouth White 3-pack pouch

A New Standard in Baby ProofingA New Standard in Baby Proofing

“Just Get It” – Emergency Medicine Doctor and Mother of 2

With Work from Home and Virtual Learning at their peaks, there’s never before been a greater need for readily available USB chargers in the home. Which means there’s never been more opportunity for injury by a charger. Save yourself the cumbersome task of unplugging your chargers between use. With 3 to a pack and built for long-term use, Watch Your Mouth is a smart and cost-effective solution to a home hazard lying in plain sight.

Watch Your Mouth Case closing on a chargerWatch Your Mouth Case closing on a charger

Watch Your Mouth covering the end of a phone chargerWatch Your Mouth covering the end of a phone charger

Kid not being able to access the end of the phone chargerKid not being able to access the end of the phone charger

Place It

A Must-Have for your Baby Registry and Child Proofing/Baby Proofing kit

Snap It

Watch Your Mouth is not only safe, it’s darn cute. It is interior designer approved!

Protect Them

Available in a variety of colors, it is a perfect topper to your Baby Shower gift.

All three Watch Your Mouth productsAll three Watch Your Mouth products

There is Nothing More Valuable Than Our Health and Safety

Current continues to flow through chargers when they remain plugged into a power source between use. Chargers purchased online or through a third party are proven to have more opportunity to release this current through the metal tip to an unintended source. Our patent-pending device secures the end of a live charger from skin, mouth, pet, and furniture contact, all of which can lead to devastating consequences. For pet safety, home safety, child safety, and Netflix and CHill safety snap on a Watch Your Mouth.

PROTECT YOUR CHILD FROM ELECTRIC SHOCK or BURN caused by the free end of a plugged-in USB charger. It is a hazard which sends over 200 children annually to the emergency room. Dramatically reduce the risk of electric injury to your child by your USB charger by snapping on a Watch Your Mouth USB charger safety cover. It clips onto and encapsulates the free metal connector end of most standard USB cords, preventing tampering by curious hands and mouths.
DEVELOPED BY DOCTORS, RESEARCH-BASED. Watch Your Mouth was created by a husband and wife doctor duo, along with engineers, designers, and input from parents. Their research shows devastating and life-threatening injury and has found that while children under 5 years old are most susceptible, a staggering number of adults have been left with scars by coming in to contact with the metal end of a plugged-in charger. Watch Your Mouth also prevents pet injuries and furniture/carpet damage.
COMPATIBLE WITH MOST STANDARD USB Chargers for personal electronic devices, including but not limited to Lightning, USB-C, Micro and Mini USBs with cords under 6.2mm in diameter. This includes flat charger cables and off-center connectors. Charging your device? Simply open your WATCH YOUR MOUTH, slide your charger along the opening grooves to connect it to your personal electronic device, and snap it closed to hug the wire.
MADE IN THE USA and PATENT-PENDING: THE FIRST AND ONLY child-safe device that protects the free end of a USB charger from being tampered with. With more chargers purchased through third-party markets, it is critical now more than ever that USB chargers are safeguarded away from young children who are curious and often explore new objects with their mouths. Our device protects against extended skin and jewelry contact with your charger connector which can cause skin ulcerations or electric burns.

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