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Cheap baby toys – iPlay, iLearn

Toys collection from iplay i learn company
various toys which will grow your baby senses

Cheap baby toys -Iplay, Ilearn

one of the best cheap baby toys collections for your baby, it works to grow your baby senses like (Motor development, Tactile development, Hearing and Visual development) it is recommended that you purchase it as an early gift to your baby.

all of this in one collection which you can order now through this link

Dragonfly toy & Ball toy
Dragonfly toy

Fine Motor Development

Firstly, The variety in grips, shapes and tasks will assist in finger and hand-eye coordination skills.

A special gift for newborn birthdays, baby showers, naming/dedication parties and celebrations, Christmas gift idea, or as a gift for holidays, birthday parties or festivals – Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year – any time is a great time to give.

Dumbbell and mobile phone toy
Mobile phone

Tactile Development

Secondly, These rattles are just the right size for your baby’s little hands to grab, hold and shake.

Octopus and Musical note rattle
Musical Note rattle

Hearing Development

Thirdly, Numerous sounds will expand your baby’s sensory experience.

Teething rattle'Grip' Ring and candy toy
Teething rattle ‘Grip’ Ring

Visual Development

Fourthly, Colorful contrasting patterns help develop your baby’s eye tracking skills.

IQ ball and Trumpet toy

Trusted Quality

iPlay, iLearn Toys are tested with CPSC accepted third-party laboratories. All toys passed physical and mechanical tests. because of that it is the best toy for your child!

Warning: Always use product under the supervision of adults. Please remove the wrapping and all packaging elements before allowing your child to play with the toy. Wipe the toy with a damp cloth to keep it clean.

test certificates for iplay ilearn toy
Trusted quality toys


We all know how important that packing represent, when it comes to baby toys, and the most important is how we will going to re-pack this amount of toys, because of that Iplay Ilearn toys come with a good can to contain all toys inside as below picture, In conclusion it is safe for your baby.

packing box for iplay ilearn toys

Although we are not selling this product on our site however you can purchase it through below link.