NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils | Baby Spoon Set (Stage 1 + Stage 2) | BPA Free Silicone Self Feeding Toddler Utensils | For Kids Ages 6 Months+, 1-Pack, 2 Spoons, Storm Gray/Glacier Green

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How To Start the Self Feeding Journey

Step 1 introduceStep 1 introduce


3 Eat3 Eat

Introduce as a Teether

Introduce stage one pre-spoon (with raised textures) first so child can get acclimated to holding the utensil as they soothe their sore gums. They will love chewing on both sides because of the soft silicone!

Help them Succeed

Once your toddler shows signs of wanting to self-feed, pre-load the stage one GOOtensil with food and place it on their plate or in their hand. When ready for a larger amount of food, upgrade to stage two.

Watch the Magic Happen

GOOtensils make learning to self-feed fun and frustration-free. There is no wrong way to hold it, so all they have to do is dip and eat! Designed with a thicker, contoured handle to comfortably fit a child’s hand.

Numnum Pre-Spoons innovative design flat head contoured handle zero-slip grip perfect for babies!Numnum Pre-Spoons innovative design flat head contoured handle zero-slip grip perfect for babies!

Stage 1 Introduce as a Teether and Stage 2 for baby's first solid foodsStage 1 Introduce as a Teether and Stage 2 for baby's first solid foods

When to useWhen to use




As Early as 6 Months

After the child is able to sit unassisted and hold their head up, utensils may be introduced. It is best to begin once they’ve expressed an interest in self-feeding. This can happen as early as 6 months, but most kids are truly ready to tackle utensils somewhere between 10 to 14 months.

Positive Reinforcement

A positive, rewarding experience encourages exploration and results in more positive feeding behaviors while a difficult, frustrating experience discourages the child and can lead to a variety of feeding challenges, including picky eating.

Purees, Soft Foods, or Pre-Loaded Solids!

GOOtensils can be used with a range of foods from purees to soft foods, such as potatoes, yogurt, home blends, and oatmeal. The stage two can even be loaded with solids for the child to grab and eat.

Wrist Rotation Development

Wrist rotation is a major motor skill that unlocks scooping and balancing, allowing a child to properly use a spoon. This usually occurs around their second birthday. Some signs that your child is ready to graduate to the spoon include scooping around the corners of a bowl and successfully maneuvering the spoon to the mouth with more food.

Ignite Curiosity, Build Confidence, Encourage Fun, Start the Self Feeding JourneyIgnite Curiosity, Build Confidence, Encourage Fun, Start the Self Feeding Journey


Dishwasher Safe

Baby Led Weaning Essential

Color Options
Gray+Green / Blue+Orange / Lilac+Rosebud / Neutrals / Rainbow / Primary Blue / Green / Orange Blue / Green / Gray Blue / Green Blue / Green Gray / Green

Feeding Stage
Starting Solids First Straw Cup First Open Cup Starting Solids Starting Solids Starting Solids

Baby Feeding For First Stage + Second Stage: Set Includes: Stage One GOOtensil for beginners (also acts as a teether for sore gums) + Stage Two GOOtensil toddlers capable of the food-to-mouth motion.
Perfect for All Types of Food: Designed to work great with purees (first stage spoon) and soft or solid foods (second stage spoon) anything you want to put in the bowl!
Baby Led Weaning Spoon: The rigid build of GOOtensils makes them easier for manueverability. Other floppy and overly flexible baby spoons can cause difficulty for a child with limited skills.
We Pass the Baby Test: Gootensils are 100% BPA, PVC and phthalates free as well as dishwasher safe. Not suitable for the microwave or steam-sterilizing.

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