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Goplus Adult Kick Scooter

Goplus Adult Kick Scooter 

This adult scooter is with dual rear brake system therefore, the kid will be capable of immediately be activated both by bottom or by the tender brake.

Over sized 8″ rubber wheels and a trivial continuous aluminum enclose depleted to the tackle makes it committed and graceful to kick. Goplus’ s calm folding instrument allows you to get this inconsequential scooter someplace and everywhere.

Three levels flexible height to link populate at another ages.


  • Super-strong aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube and deck.
  • Big rubber wheels with Dual Suspension System.
  • Adjustable handlebar with softhearted rubber comfortable hired hand grips and 3 side by side height adjustable.
  • Dual Rear turn bottom and pass Brake.
  • Innovative folding system for laid-back storage space and transportation.


Color: Black
Material: aluminum scaffold + rubber wheels
Weight Capacity: 220lbs
Product Weight: 16lbs


Firstly : Durable Material

All frames of Goplus kids kick scooter are finished of hard-wearing aircraft-grade aluminum because of that it makes the load post of this scooter is up to 220lbs, because of that it is perfect for riders ages 10

Secondly, Folding and Height Adjustable

This kick scooter is effortless to fold for luggage compartment and carrying.

changeable handlebar with mellow rubber comfortable dispense grips and 3 raze to the ground height adjustable.

Thirdly, Shock-Absorbing System

The two adult wheels are ready of rubber in addition, to Dual Suspension System, because of that it is perfect for City/Urban/Suburban pavements,

Goplus kick scooter facial appearance an straightforward to open rear brake therefore, while hard-pressed brings the scooter to a breakneck confident stop.

above all sizable aluminum shatterproof brake pedal is straightforward to manipulate for rapid and resolute flouting fast.