Newborn baby shopping list

What to purchase for my newborn baby?

We got a question from one of our follower about newborn baby shopping list,

we will try to help her to figure out what she can purchase to be ready to her gifted baby

First of all, we know if there is a baby in a home that home has to have a diapers in it, so first item is diapers

Pampers diapers

well know company which is specialized in baby diapers and has a good reputation to maintain it

you can get pampers diapers from this link

Diapers Cream

Diapers cream

Once you have putted a diaper on your baby, you have to make sure that this diaper will not harm him/her

you will need this cream to maintain their skin in a good shape and state, you can get this cream from This link


Baby bodysuit

Next, you will need to dress your baby something to keep him warm which will lead us to bodysuit,

the most important part which will used more often after the diapers, you have to purchase at least 7 pcs of bodysuit to serve your baby,

you can get bodysuits from This Link

Baby wrap blanket

Fourth item in our newborn baby shopping list will be the baby wrapping blanket,

it is essential to have two or three of wrap blankets to serve your baby, you can get good wrap blanket from This Link

Convertible carrier

Fifth item we’ve picked for you is convertible carrier,

we’ve written a separate article about this convertible carrier Best convertible carrierand you can get a good convertible carrier Here

Feeding Bottle

Of course it depend on how you’re feeding your baby

but feeding bottle is important to be available if required at any time, you can get good one here


Furthermore, you have to have a good hats to keep your baby head warm, Learn more

Record adorable moments

At the end, don’t forget to capture the adorable moments and record, from here

Finally, we hope that we select a good products for your baby which will help you along in your fascinate journey.