Folding Treadmill Electric

Folding Treadmill

Who didn’t want to train in his home maintaining his private zone,

First item in any GYM in the world is treadmill, so today we have a folding treadmill for our moms


LCD Display 

The treadmill is Features with 5″ blue light LCD display, this treadmill provides great watching experience.

It will show Time, Distance, Calories, Speed, Pulse, Inclination and so on,

it is convenient to read your exercise condition.

Electric Ascension

The treadmill is Features with electric ascension function, the inclination can be adjusted from 0-15% for different workout intensity. It has 3 quick adjustment of 3%/6%/9%.

Adjustable Speed from 0.5MPH to 10MPH

The speed can be adjusted from 0.5-10MPH. It has 3 quick speed adjustment of 2/4/8MPH. You can choose different speed and inclination for different training intensity.

Folding design and 4 Casters

This treadmill can be folded to save space when not in use. It has 4 casters for easy transport

therefore there is another features for you to consider:

Wireless connectivity for your treadmill

Scan the two- dimension(QR) code at control panel, download the software named “Smart Treadmill”, open the bluetooth in your mobile and connect with the machine. Open “Treadmill”, then your mobile can control treadmill.

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