Best way to monitor your baby during sleep

If you’re looking for a product helps you in monitoring your baby sleep, ensure that he has enough sleep duration, the sleep quality was good enough and helps you to enhance the coming sleep cycle, This product will helps you to do that

baby monitor devise

Our product today provide too many features to monitor during baby sleep,

You can monitor their heart rate, Oxygen level & Sleep duration in addition to all of that it provide live monitoring through the Cam.
Below you can find more details about the product
– Track baby’s sleep trends using award-winning technology- Wear for every nap and bedtime to track your baby’s sleep, including number of waking, heart rate, oxygen level, sleep quality, and total hours slept.
– Owlet cam streams HD video with night vision- From anywhere on your phone, stream secure, HD video of your favorite view of Baby in reliable clarity.
– Personalized sleep program- From 4-12 months old, access Owlet’s award-winning sleep program and receive an adaptable sleep schedule tailored to your baby’s needs. See better sleep in as few as 7 days.
– 130° wide-angle 4X zoom- See everything you need from your phone with a wide-angle view, 4X pinch-to-zoom and room temperature sensor for complete visibility into your baby’s crib and room.
– Review baby’s sleep state and quality- Breakdown of sleep sessions help you spot patterns that can help you make changes to your baby’s schedule as they grow.
– Weekly expert parenting tips- From 0 to 18 weeks old, receive weekly tips to learn about sleep, feeding, postpartum adjustment, self-care and more!
– View sleep readings in Owlet Dream App- Review your baby’s sleep readings from anywhere in the Owlet Dream App
– HSA/FSA approved- Use your HSA/FSA funds to purchase the Dream Sock.

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