4 in 1 Baby Toys 6to12-18 Months, Pull String Baby Teething Toys, Stacking Building Blocks Infant Toys 3-6-9-12 M+, Color Shape Bin Sensory Toys, Montessori Toys for 1-3 Year Old Boy and Girl Gift

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Product Description


baby toysbaby toys


This is a set consisting of four separate baby toys, with pull string infants toys, sensory bin, building blocks and stacking rings, each with its own unique design, which can be used as a powerful learning toys set and help children to develop their:

Fine motor skillsHand-eye coordinationCognitive flexibilityDesire for explorationSpatial awareness and reasoningConcentrationLogical thinkingCreativity and imaginationProblem solving ability


baby toysbaby toys

Building Blocks and Stacking Rings

Material Safety & Chewable

The building toys and stacking rings are made of food-grade silicone, soft and flexible, chewable, which helps babies’ teething, and baby teething toys also make a ”Bi Bi” sound when squeezed by hand, which is very attractive to babies.

Learning Identification & Fun Stacking and Matching

Toys for boys have interesting 3D embossed patterns and textures on the surface. The 3D patterns of the building blocks include numbers, fruits, animals and three-dimensional geometry, and the stacking rings include numbers, letters, the moon, the earth and the ocean, and toys for girls have rich color combinations, which help babies to recognize shapes, sizes and colors more easily through observation and touch.Each building block or stacking ring has a geometric bump and depression, which is designed for matching, an activity that is useful for early logical thinking to toddlers. By stacking them on top of each other, they can create many interesting and creative shapes that help infants develop their imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills.


The soft building blocks and stacking rings should not be used as shower toys; and should not be immersed in water.


baby toysbaby toys

baby toysbaby toys

baby toysbaby toys

Slide Button Ball& Popping Bubbles

The sensory toys are made of high quality ABS, durable, the toddler toy is equipped finger activity with slide button balls and Popping Bubbles, through the finger squeeze and push, and accompanied by the sound, you can let them get the deepest and most intuitive sensory experience, which in turn develops hand-eye coordination skills.


A small bell is built into the sensory toys and there are 3 sliding rings around the edge of the disc, when the fat brain toys are shaken, it will make a jingling sound, which helps babies’ visual and auditory development, and can be hung on prams, strollers and baby car seats.


The teething toys have 6 different coloured silicone drawstrings which allow the baby to chew on it and train the child’s finger strength by pulling and developing fine motor skills, and when we take the baby on a trip, the baby can play with it to get rid fatigue. The boy/girl toys enough to satisfy all the sensory aspects of baby’s experience.


baby toysbaby toys

baby toysbaby toys

baby toysbaby toys


The toddler toy frame is constructed from high quality ABS plastic posts, the six sides are a web of coloured medium tension elastic bands, and also comes with 5 ABS blocks in different shapes and colours. All the edges and patterns are polished into smooth and round shapes which is comfortable and skin friendly.Full of attraction to Toddler toys age 1-2-4.


A mesh box covered with colorful elastic bands and equipped with 5 blocks of different shapes and colors is enough to stimulate their interest and desire to touch. By grabbing the blocks and putting them into the cube and taking them out of the cube, it not only trains their grip, but also allows them to get the learning process of exploration and experimentation, enhances their sense of space.


5 different colors and shapes of the blocks, not only to help babies develop the shape of color recognition skills, but also can be used as bath toys, each block liner have 3 particles, by shaking the sound can be issued sassa, very attractive to toddler, can bring children endless bath fun.



100% SAFE TODDLER TOYS: Our baby toys set is made of 100% safe and high quality materials, BPA free, Phthalate Free. All of baby items have passed the most stringent CPC/ASTM certification tests to ensure that every detail is the safest for your baby. Educational toys for 1-3 year old boy and girl.
PULL STRING INFANT TOYS: The toddler toys have a very unique design with 6 silicone pull cords of different colors and thicknesses, which not only tempts toddlers to pull strength training, but also reassures them to chew, a great Baby teeting toys, On the disc case is also designed to pop bubbles and slide the button ball; built-in jingle ball, but also as a stroller pendant, They are great Montessori toys for babies 0-6-12 months
EXPLORE SENSORY BIN: These Montessori toys for 1 2 3 year old consists of a cube with colored elastic bands and 5 blocks of different textures colors and shapes. 5 of the blocks can not only be used as bath toys, but also make a crisp ringing sound by shaking, which is very tempting. Baby can train their grip by putting the blocks into or taking them out of the cube, enhancing their sense of space, awakening their curiosity and helping them explore and experiment. Amazing sensory toys.
SOFT BUILDING BLOCKS TOYS: These toddler toys age 0-4 are soft, chewable, and squeak when squeezed. Each building toys have an embossed animal, shape, fruit, Arabic numerals and geometrical patterns on the sides. Teething toys for babies 0-6 months can be developed baby’s sense of touch and vision by touching and observing these embossed patterns. The sensory toys for toddlers 1-3 can help baby better early childhood development, as well as developing their fine motor skills by stacking.
SOFT STACKING RINGS: This infant toys set has 5 soft rings of different sizes and colors, the ring surface is also engraved with numbers, letters and other cute textures, chewable, and very easy to stack among 6 month old baby toys; not only can help them develop color size recognition skills, but also can quickly enhance their confidence and desire to explore the world. They are perfect baby toys 0-6 months.
GREAT GIFT FOR BABY: TOPTSOFI baby items are designed to make children smarter, more imaginative and creative. The activity infant toys will bring your kids more happiness. That would be the perfect gift for your baby as Birthday gift, Easter gift, Christmas gift, Children’s day gift, New Year gift. Any question for baby toys 6 to 12 months, please contact our customer service. We will provide 100% satisfaction for you.

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