Sliding Glass Door Lock, 2 Pack Child Safety Sliding Window Locks for Kids Proof Patio Closet Doors Lock, Cabinet Doors Locks Provide Safety for Your Baby and Pets, No Drilling Tools Needed (Green)

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(as of May 24,2023 00:18:55 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

Upgrade your baby-proofing game with the 2023 UPGRADED Baby Proofing Lock!

This versatile lock is designed to secure sliding doors, closet doors, hung windows, levered handle doors, and more, making it an essential tool for any parent.

PIPIGATY sliding door locks can ensure your baby and pets do not find a way out of the house through the sliding glass door.

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

“Make Your Child Safer with PIPIGATY: Child Safety Door Locks”

Have you ever imagined how dangerous it can be for your little ones to play near the sliding door, window, or patio?

Are you worried about their safety and want to prevent them from opening doors that could pose a risk?

Do you also want to keep your pets safe inside your home?

Introducing PIPIGATY’s child safety door locks – the perfect solution for your worries!

Easy to Install – No Drilling Tools Needed !!!

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

Step 1: Clean the Surface of the Window or Door

Use a rag to wipe off any dust or water from the surface of the window or door.

Step 2: Peel the 3M Adhesive Tape off the Door Lock

Remove the door lock from the PIPIGATY package and peel off the 3M adhesive tape from the back of the lock.

Step 3: Stick the Lock in Place and Press Both Side Buttons

Position the lock on the desired location on the window or door, and press both side buttons at the same time to secure the lock.

Step 4: You’re Done!

For best results, we recommend waiting at least one hour after installation before using the lock. This will ensure maximum durability.

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

Sliding Glass Door LockSliding Glass Door Lock

VERSATILE USE: Our child locks fit a wide range of applications, including sliding doors, windows, cabinets, patio doors, closets, shower doors, and more. Our sliding door locks were designed to prevent curious children from falling out of high windows and sliding doors, keeping them safe and secure.
EASY INSTALLATION: Installing our sliding window locks is a breeze – no need for drilling tools! Simply clean the working area, peel off the 3M tape, and stick the lock onto the desired location of your sliding doors, be it for your sliding glass doors, cabinets doors, patio doors, closet doors, or sliding window. Prevent children from opening doors, windows or sliding doors to protect children’s safety.
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our sliding glass door lock has an upgraded security design that makes it difficult for children to open or close. To open the lock, press both side buttons at the same time. To lock it, press both side buttons and the lock panel simultaneously. Other similar sliding glass door locks are easy for children to unlock and prone to accidents.
DURABLE AND RELIABLE: Our slide safety locks for doors are made of high-quality ABS plastic, stainless steel springs, and strong 3M adhesive, ensuring long-lasting use. You don’t have to worry about the safety lock falling or breaking. You will feel more secure and at ease after installing our child proof door lock. It’s a great and safe gift for kids, providing them with excellent benefits!